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Well, what have I go to lose by asking? I have been battling the cemetery since Feb of 2015 over what they did to my Mom regarding her preneed. She had it drawn up back in 1998 and it wasn't until after she died in 2012 I started going over her paperwork. Turns out that the cemetery took it upon themselves to just substitute the items she paid for for cheap ones at half the value. This was no accident either. They purposely did this to avoid furnishing what she was sold and paid for. They even used one of there own cement burial vaults instead of the expensive one she bought at almost 1000.00. Their excuse when asked about the vault? "Oh, WE think the one WE chose is BETTER than the one your Mom bought" WHAT?? Since when do they have the right to make changes to use anything other than what was purchased?? My Dad was a 22 year navy veteran & My mom paid for a Veteran style companion foundation and when she notified them to install it, they instead put in a fake hollow plastic imitation. I cannot seem to find any help or advice on what to do here. The other problem is from what I can tell, this cemetery has done the exact same thing to many other veteran families and they never even knew about it as there are many more plastic foundations out there that are broken. You don't install plastic where 12,000 equipment runs over it. They even ignored direct instructions from the Funeral Bureau in Sacramento not to touch the memorial and instead went and actually removed the entire thing, and then tried to stick something else OF THEIR CHOICE in it's place! They seem to have this idea they can do whatever they want by ignoring contracts and orders from me, I own those 4 plots by the way and they cannot do anything they want to it. I am very angry of what they have done to my family. They need to be brought to some kind of justice but I just don't know how to go about it. I have every single document qnd before & after pictures to prove what I'm claiming is 100% true and I can't get an ounce of help on what to do about it. They even put that other foundation in KNOWING I have my Dads brand new Veterans marker at my house! They just did what they did thinking it gets them off the hook. I have been dealing with this myself since Feb of 2015 and because no one cares I feel like I've run out of time to bring these people to justice. This is the most low down crooked thing I've ever have happen and these people should not be able to walk off laughing at me thinking they got away with this. I need help & advice on what to do here. Thanks. Paul B. Fourroux. San Diego CA.

Asked on 5/02/17, 11:22 am

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David Sarnoff Sarnoff + Sarnoff

There are many of these cases that have happened over the years against various different cemeteries. Whether or not you can pursue a claim depends on a number of factors. Feel free to call and I will see what I can do to help you. Our office number is (650) 393-4995.

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Answered on 5/02/17, 5:27 pm

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