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The trust attorney who drafted my deceased father's revocable trust, (of which I was named 60% beneficiary), committed fraud and intentional misrepresentation when, after the first successor died unexpectedly, a local "professional fiduciary" was named rather than the successor trustee my father had named in his trust. After the first successor trustee died, instead of following the instructions left by my father in his now "irrevocable trust" and advising the BANK they were the next named successor to the trust, the trust attorney called an exparte hearing to nominate a fiduciary that would keep using her and her firm as the trust's attorneys while she and her firm racked up close to a million dollars in fees (the trust was only worth aprox. 3 million to begin with). The Bank was lied to, (as well as the court), when the trust attorney emailed the Bank asking for a signed declination to serve as Executor to the Estate without disclosing that the Bank was named as next successor in line to the trust as well. I have emails between the trust attorney and the bank that prove the above is true, (emails which we obtained via subpoena.) I possible, I would like to sue the trust attorney for this fraudulent act as well as numerous others. The last $200,000 in attorneys fees is still open to be objected to, so I would like to quickly find someone with expertise in detecting padded attorney's fees. I have done my own research on fee arbitration, and the blocked, redacted trust attorney's fees we have been provided with are very obviously padded with 3-4 high paid attorneys getting involved with each and every task- no matter how large or small.

Asked on 7/07/22, 11:12 am

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This is a question and answer service. Assuming your dad died in the county of the zip code you provide you should look for an attorney here:

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Answered on 7/08/22, 4:00 pm

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