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The situation is very messy but I will try to only give out the only relevant information.

There is a discord ground with 5 people including myself. It will be (A, B, C, D and E) I will call myself A.

B: Very blunt, talks a lot of negative things about certain people here and there. Her past in 2019 weren't that good because she tends to have few number of people who claim that she has wronged them done. But it usually ends up being he said she said situation.

B and C are pretty much very close friend. Ride or die type.

D and E has some small bumps with B but I peronally do not think they were horrible. All friends clash and what not.

Recently, B is getting "internet name smear campainge" due to a supposed screenshot gettng leaked so a person S (who has a pretty big following in IG)

It is true that B stated some nasty comments but they were only meant for the discord group private chat. B is pretty set that one of the person, including myself, is the one who took a screenshot of the greenshop talking nasty comment about person S and sent to person S in an unknown account.

I know for sure I did not do it but we plan to all meet and talk in person to "settle" this. Honestly this is really idiotic because at the end of the day this is all internet reputation drama. I know B will trust C with her life so she knows C did not do it. B is a little close with E so I have this feeling it is gonna be down to me (A) or D. But the issue is I AM close with friend D and I feel like I can vouch for her that she didn't do it as well.

I plan to voice record with consent when we all meet and talk but if it comes down do accusation, in terms of "who sent the private group 'screenshop' " (even though the content in the screenshot is technically the truth told by B) if I am falsely accused is there a way for me to either sue or file some type of law claim? This stress has been affecting me at work, I have been making mistakes and I am just mad at the situation but also confused at who in the world would do this? We all have been friends for 5+ years. It does not make sense. Is it possible that the discord screenshot somehow got hacked?

What type of legal action could I take if I am wrongfully accused?

Asked on 1/24/24, 10:08 pm

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Terry A. Nelson Nelson & Lawless

"What type of legal action could I take "?

None, without spending a lot of money 'investigating' and researching to find valid legal proof who did it, what was done, and that it is 'grounds' for some kind of legal claim like slander, and that you have legally recognized 'damages', financial or otherwise. Hurt feelings and mad and pride don't count. Then spend a lot of money on attorneys to bring and pursue those claims in court, assuming that whoever you think you will sue will have any money, assets and income to collect your judgement against several years from now when the case and appeals are finished, and that they won't simply file bankruptcy if you do get a judgement, thus having made you waste all that money you spent pursuing 'emotions'.

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Answered on 1/25/24, 10:02 am

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