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Is there a particular form that needs to be filled out before you can submit evidence that shows a ten year span of consistent verbal abuse and false allegations, some of which lead to assault and battery charges? Ever since 2009 my ex wife was commited to a mental hospital after having our oldest son then a week later nearly killing him and herself on multiple accounts, afterwards and since I have raised our sons 999.99% of the time. As of four years ago she made a suicide attempt on her own life and that was the last time she had our children stay the night with her until earlier this year she made some false accusations against me and cleverly managed to get the ball rolling enough to have it made where I couldn't be with our children until this was over, and wasn't allowed into my own home. Since she has robbed my home entirely, transferred our children to a new school, an living with the sick bastard that's court ordered to stay away from our children. Her records show a history of commiting false allegations an even being caught red handed once attempting to set up a fake battery charge against me. Her statements she made one was thrown out likely due to the extremeness in fabrications an never being able to prove such fantasies. But the first one even goes as far as to say she lived in my home alone with the children, when EVERYTHING & everyone on earth knows otherwise, statements made by family, witnesses, neighbors, D.C.F. and such all say otherwise, but in her writing she goes as far to say in her first sentence she was going to pick up the kids from my home, but later says she lived there alone with the kids.... idk how this hasn't been dismissed except a compromised public defender that's refused evidence, immediatly told family and I to leave court on four occasions, screamed, yes screamed for me not to speak to the Judge when I asked to, then prior to that occasion she started speaking over me to prevent me from speaking, I am amazed she can live with herself but from my experiences people no matter their job when manipulated will break laws, take the law into their own hands an such when they feel a certain way. Sheriff's office truency officer and a school principal are prime examples, they lied, and knowingly endangered my childrens lives to assist in violating a restraining order, then when confronted by their peers attempted to lie on the matter but ultimatlely lost their jobs. This woman is another innocent victim but for my childrens sake I need advice in how to handle this matter and if possible prevent her from losing her job over or getting into trouble for mistakes made from being manipulated. Are there correct questions I can ask lawyers if they can handle this matter, it's a charge of child abuse, an accident while sleeping got turned into a fabricated beating from pictures submitted, but real photos show otherwise, witnesses as well, family, videos. Even my ex wife's own evidence shows her fabricating 99.9% of her claims and contradicting herself a lot. But not having a valid attorney to assist me makes it difficult but I have no idea what to ask a lawyer to judge if they would be better at demonstrating this all, and if they could help with the aftermath an sueing my ex wife for damages, theft and advising me to how best to do things I may have missed or been unaware of. I was told this would be dismissed for five months, since I have been robbed of everything I owned at my old home, been marked and labeled, and even so far as lost friends and suffered quietly alone for nearly eight months. Being given papers once when I had the deputies investigate my neighbors complaints apparently didn't mean much to this public defender but I thought there was a certain amount of time for service or that you at least had to be served to let you know you had court. In all likelyhood being this is a small town, over 90% of the sheriffs office is aware I am a single father of two autistic children I have raised alone since 09 and in my best guess none of them wanted to serve me any papers at all for false nonsense. It's the only logically explanation I can guess, they and the court house has my address this entire time. Can someone please shine some wisdom on me here, I am not ignorant but this situation has robbed me of A LOT of my normal spunk and energy on a daily basis I find it difficult to motivate myself at all, but have survived and endured because of my boys need me, but having so many people throw road blocks in my path has truly discouraged my normal confidence and drastically killed my efforts an energy. If I were the "mother" in this situation it likely wouldn't of even gotten this far but in our small town it is full of backwards mindsets. And most still take a mothers side nearly the entire time and refuse to acknowledge the truth even if you are one of the greatest examples of an excellent full time parent who has sacrified it all for their children while the other is a drug addict who put their own children back into harms way and broke the court orders and moved the kids back into a rapiest drug dealers home who isn't legally allowed around the kids, but has guns, and a mental health records of insanity and both being suicidal so police would prefer to refrain from doing well being checks and even more so with a no contact order that's been made all boiling back to photoshopped evidence an a habitual liar that couldn't tell the truth if her life depended on it, which has always made it easy to hang her in family court for the past ten years. (My apologies for ranting for a moment there, I normally never get to speak on this matter much so please bear with me!) I am in fact a die hard dedicated father that has in fact given my all to my children, their mother got post partum psychosis an nearly killed our oldest son after days after giving birth to him so it made me focus drastically on keeping them safe, this is the first time I have suffered this long, an KNOW the boys have been traumatized all over again like four years ago when their mother tried to kill herself with them in her home, over the drug dealer boyfriend in fact. I cannot apologize enough for this all but as lawyer's I am sure you all have dealt with similar life/sanity breaking situations w/clients. If one or hell even all of you could dawn some of your wisdom of this cluster of madness it would greatly be appreciated!! I have been through true hell for nearly a year now and don't have the foggiest idea of how to even go about interviewing a real lawyer who will take my truth, honesty and evidence and go out an [email protected]$$ to get my boys out of the den of hell they have been stuck in but it is just that, a meth den. It's shaken me to the core knowing what occurs there but having my hands tied so sufficently that I legally am binded until court releases this nonsense and I can rescue my boys and if necessary do the trauma therapies all over again.... but this time afterwards immediatly goto family court and this time finish the job unlike last time where a new judge came the last day, met w/her alone for minutes then denied all the CPT officers work, my own, and DCF's for the past year. If you can find it in your heart to drop some hard core lawyer knowledge on me I swear I WILL UTILIZE IT, I have been trying to interview some lawyers but rarely can get a fraction of this out to them even in my normal calm demeanor, or expressing it in initial emails, I haven't gotten past certain points without it becoming a fiancial matter that surpasses a years worth of pay and going into amounts that are FAR beyond my means after being robbed, but have total access to some fiances to find ONE but how do I know if it's the right one to work with? Should I feel confident in a lawyer?

Asked on 11/18/19, 10:24 am

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Craig Epifanio Craig Epifanio, P.A.

Your question looks to be about a month old. Hopefully you've found an attorney in your area that can help you in this complex situation.

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Answered on 12/06/19, 6:15 am

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