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Hello, I live in the North Georgia Mtns. I started cleaning vacation rental cabins for a rental co. With no notice I was informed that the company was starting a linen service to do linens. They stated that it would help us. The company contracted out the linen service to another co. I was also a contractor. They cut each cabin rate 40% to pay for the linens to be cleaned. My job was not 40% washing linens. A $130.00 clean went down to $78 and if I did not get my own Workman's comp. ins. it went down to $62.40 ($15.60 every clean)15.60 every clean.Now that is a 52% cut.My average to clean a $130 cabin was at least 15 times a month so 15 = to $234 just for one cabins clean. Just for the ins. I had 11 cabins from $75 to $130. For the linen service I would lose $98.20. That is $1473.00 a month for one cabin. I still had to do all the other things on my maintenance and cleaning agreement. Then I had to take the linens to the co. that is approx. 30 miles from my home. 60 miles round trip. The linens had to be at the service within 24 extra compensation for my mileage. Then I have expenses of Cell phone, scanner and Internet service. My gas and maintenance for my vehicle. If I had 2-3 cabins that checked out at 10 am. and checked in at 3 pm. I would have to pay someone to help me and there I would be working for nothing. I also did not mention my taxes that I had to pay. I had to be on call all the time. I was sent to cabins at 11 pm. to get heat running or take heater to cabins. Sometimes they would compensate me and sometimes not. If the client turned off the pilot light they would send me out there to get it going and would say that I must have not made sure that it was working before I left and that would stop the trip charge fee. I found out from the co. that I first contracted with that they were cutting our pay in Jan. I was at that time told that they were going to cut my amount of cabins because they heard that cleaners were going to walk out. I told her I would give a notice if I decided that it was not for me. On Feb 16th I was given the contract from the linen service that they would now be overseeing the cleaners and the scheduling. However the first co. was still in the picture. I was solicited by the first co. that there would be bonuses and an option to move up and even work hourly. They would also give me more cabins to clean to compensate the loss of pay. That is an 80 hr. work week for a 40 hr. pay. When meeting with the second co. that was all false. I looked over the new contract and did not accept it. I did then e-mail the first company stating that I did not accept the offer from the second co. but would continue to work for the first co. at the same rate of pay and the same agreement that I agreed to in the beginning. I then received an e-mail from the first co. that I was to finish up my cabins that weekend and I was done. I lost several cleans before the new co. was to take over.. There are several of us that are going to start a class action suit if we have any rights at all. I believe that this is poor business and they are profiting from one to give to another. Do I have a case? Can they seriously get away with this under the Ga. state business laws?

Asked on 3/23/10, 8:27 am

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Glen Ashman Ashman Law Office also dba Glen Ashman Attorney

You can't do a class action in this type claim (in fact nothing in your post is a legal claim taht I can see( and bear in mind that if you file a frivilous suit, and this sounds frivilous, you may be liable to them for attorneys fees.

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Answered on 3/28/10, 10:25 am

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