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insurance fraud

i bought a house from a friend who was a insurance agent later i had a plumbing pipe break it flooded my whole house the insurance company sent their repair men to give a estimate they did'nt get three they hired there budy who never showed to do the work i tried to hire a company to do the work but they all wanted 10 times the money the insurance company would pay since there friends bid the repairs for less then the carpet cost so i let him forclose so he filed another claim in my name and they paid him almost 17'000 now there sueing me for the costs of the repairs plus court and legal costs they waited untill the staute of limitations run out for me to countier sue is there any way i can get a couniter suit against them for fraud im disabled and can'nt afford a lawer and they know it i read and wright on a 2nd grade level do to diyslexy and add they have have facked auto wrecks in my name tried to have my license suspened had a cop friend invade my wife privcey to try to blackmail me into paying him 20'000 i have this info on tape that he illegaly obtained this info to harasses me and would yous the courts to punishe me the only thing i did was file a legal claim and now the police wont bring charges since there involed in this

Asked on 1/24/07, 8:32 am

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Re: insurance fraud

If you believe that an insurance company has treated you unfairly, you may want to contact the office of the insurance commissioner for the State of Georgia (John Oxendine is the Commissioner). As far as low cost legal services, you may want to contact your local bar association or Georgia Legal Services.

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Answered on 1/24/07, 9:25 am

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