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Hello I need some couseling about Tenant and landlord issue I have been sub leasing or sub renting to a tenant since the last of jan 2019 we don’t have a Lease agreement

About the 8th or 9th month he started being late or making partial payment

So I decided to no longer rent that room out on the 9 17 19 I gave him a over 60 day notice to leave on Nov 30 th 2019

So on nov 1st he decided not to pay rent and keep making up excuses every week to pay the next Friday. I had been text message him concerning paying the rent he is now accursing me of harassing him. But the last text he sent me. seem like he was harassing me. Feels like he trying to build a case. Did I do something wrong was I harassing him,

he does not want to leave and trying to legally find a way to stay.

Here are the text measage between me and him.

Friday Nov 1st Rent is Due

From Tenant My pay day falls on Friday the 8th of Nov. I'll pay rent in full on Friday.. Thanks

Friday Nov 2nd

From Tenant Sorry about being late but you know I just started a new job.. let the owner know I've payed my rent on time every mouth. Since Jan. 2019 Ive only been late 2 times in 10 mouths.

You Did not answer my question can you at least pay half 300 now and 300 on the 8th .

Friday Nov 4th

From Me Good Morning

I already been working with you every since you been Living here by letting you have a reduce Rent and working with you as you make Late and partial Payment

2 week ago I did ask you were you going to be able to pay the full amount Rent on time you told me yes and I was counting on you keeping your word. So now you are holding me back from paying my rent because you did not keep your word and paid on time.

If you are not going to pay rent. You need to do the Right thing, and Go ahead and MOVE . So I can go ahead and rent the room out to my Daughter .

when Tenants dont pay on time it just puts me in a Jam.

From Tenant I told you Im going to pay rent. Please dont harrass me with all these text messages. Ive been a legal resident at 430 union city Ga 30349 for 11 mouths. Please be respectful and respect my privacy.

I know my rights as a legal resident in the state of GA.

Friday Nov 8st

From Tenant I'll have the 600.00 dollars for rent on 11-15 -19 that's Friday.. Sorry for any inconvenience. Comcast pays every 2 weeks. But for the record I've payed over $5000 dollars in rent here at 430 union city Ga 30349 I have been a good tenent so please respect my privacy as a legal resident.

Friday Nov 15th

From me Good Afternoon i hope you are still paying Rent today I do need to pay the light bill today which has a disconnect/ cut off today. plus the property owner is asking me for the rest of the rent money alone with a late fee today as well.

From Tenant I'm still paying rent.. I will have rent on Friday 11-22-19 .. working overtime this week

Im getting a Commission Check

Sat Nov 16th

I posted an eviction letter sign and date





Date of Noctice Nov 16th 2019

To Tenant name

430 union city Ga 30349

NOTICE : you are in default in payment of rent for the property at 430 union city Ga 30349

You must either pay the rent due in the amount of $ 600.00 or move out by Nov 22nd or Further Legal Action will be taken.



Sat Nov 23 19

he sent me this text messasge

I'm still going to pay rent I will have it on Friday 11-29-19 I'm also looking for my own apartment. Yes I will pay rent for the mouth of November. Just take in consideration that I've payed over $5000.00 dollars in rent at 430 union city Ga 30349. and lived at this residence 11 moufhs and as a legal resident I deserve time to pay rent and then move without being harassed over this mouths rent. I no longer use your washer and dinning room area. Please respect my privacy. I contacted Georgia Fair Housing. if you violate my rights as a legal resident it will be reported. GA. Law states that harrassment by landlord is against the law.

Asked on 11/23/19, 10:30 am

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File dispossessory action in the magistrate court in your county

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Answered on 11/24/19, 10:46 am

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