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i'm a very good person and come from a very good family. i urgently need help.

2.14.13 my car staled on busy road and when cops showed up they found out my licenses were expired. -please note the reason why they have expired below stated below- the officer was generous and did not arrest me.instead i signed a"discretionary release advisement traffic offense"(IR#13-14302)and received a summons to appear(02W0BDP).yesterday my daughter took me to central booking where i received a court date of thursday 4.11.13 1:15pm at district court of md for howard co. i need affordable representation for that and also to somehow get me a temporary driving permit.i have an almost 3yr old disabled son with appointments,therapy and will start preschool where i may have to provide transportation.i'm essentially a single parent going through a daughter had to come up from college to drive me around this weekend.she has to return tomorrow.i'm desperate for sincere assistance.i'm a hard working good person with absolutely no criminal history.i've had past speeding tickets in various states and i'm not sure how many points are on my last ticket was '08?. below is the explanation of why my drivers license has expired and i will not be able to attain a new one until my name is legally changed and then for social security administration to acknowledge it. 1.adopted as a baby in michigan from s.korea through an adoption agency. security card had my birth name (first name) & adopted last name. 3.found out it was NEVER changed. 4.discovered in 2000? naturalization certificate/passport/adoption papers were lost in a move 1998?mayflower could not recover it. 5.did periodic lengthy efforts trying to replace certificate and get a new social security card. which ended in packets and checks being returned because i was misinformed. was so disgusted with outcomes would shelf the entire project. 9/11 it became more difficult renew drivers license, especially because i was living in virginia. 7.married in virginia '09&name changed, of course made another unsuccessful effort prior to marriage to correct name. 8.moved to maryland and received a temp md drivers license. eventually temp license expired, after that i used prior valid virginia one. 10.this fall tried to hire an attorney to just settle the whole situation but was told that was not possible. 11.virginia license expired 1.3.13 12.finally found out from a md social security administration i had to legally change my name to receive a new social security card, thus getting a new valid drivers license. 13.received adoption papers&applied for a copy of naturalization cert.

Asked on 2/18/13, 8:59 am

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Jason Cleckner Law Office of Jason Cleckner, LLC

I'd be happy to represent you in Howard County. Are you charged with driving without license? If so, that may be the incorrect charge, so we may be able to get this whole thing dismissed. I'd be happy to give you a reasonable fee and a payment plan. Please contact me with more details.

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Answered on 2/19/13, 4:06 am
William Welch William L. Welch, III Attorney

An attorney can assist you with evaluating the prosecution's case, any defenses that you might have, and any plea offer that might be made, so that you can decide whether to plea bargain or go to trial. If you were to be found guilty, then an attorney can assist you with presenting mitigation, elocution, and a recommendation for a more lenient sentence. and a recommendation for a more lenient sentence. Consider seeking a confidential consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Beware that online posts are not confidential. If somehow the prosecution were to find your post, then it might be used in evidence against you.

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Answered on 2/26/13, 6:33 pm

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