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We rented our MA. home-month to month (old friend-no lease). He paid 1st 3 mos rent and then stopped. The verbal agreement was that he would fix up the place a bit and maintain it. He was to pay all utilities and house expenses. We weren't profiting from this, but intended to sell to tenant eventually when he was ready. He never paid any utilities...electricity was eventuallyshut and due to tenants tampering it is now disconnected from pole. Unfortunately utilities were still in name. Water company is turning it off on 9/27/16. We are in process of eviction. We still have a lot of our things in the home. Police said we can't do anything. We have to wait for court date 10/3/16. Neighbors tell us he's out and living in a trailer20 mins away. He left his things and 2 cats which we've been told are going to the bathroom all over. Also told trash is thrown about inside and outside. Lawn is over 6 inches tall. Upstairs were told smells like human urine. Tenant told someone that he's purposely leaving things to look like he's still there. He shows up about every 12 days and grabs things from garage ( usually at night with a flashlight) then he leaves. What can we do now to stop the damage. Can we call the school and see if anyone is registered from our address. I have the feeling that we could prove he's not living there if kids aren't in that school anymore.

Any help is appreciated. Oh, also we contacted board of health (after we were told that tenant said he was going to file a report against us) and someone did call the dog officer. Nothing is being done. Tenant is now telling lies saying we stole things from us house was supposed to be fixed by us. We have him a kitchen set, dining table, sofa, loveseat, tv, entertainment shelf, beds, bureaus. He brought a coffee table and not much else. We left lawn furniture which he and kids were using, tools bookcases clothes record player collectibles...He assured us no problem, can pick up when we can. He no longer will let us in and has changed the locks. Please help. We moved to central NY because we could no longer afford central Mass.

Asked on 9/19/16, 9:37 am

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First, call the local health department and ask them to take the two cats as they are not being properly cared for properly.

Second, you have the right to inspect the home and simply post a 24 hour notice and then go in the home to check on it. Take pictures and get affidavits from the neighbors that he has abandoned the property and is purposely damaging it.

I would contact an attorney in your area to see if you can get an emergency Petition because of the destruction of your property.

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Answered on 9/19/16, 9:59 am

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