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I was injured at work on April 25 2011. I am not healed by no means. Did everything they wanted me to do. The dr is saying there is nothing else they can do. but I am not any better. They are talking about a disability rating. Dont really know what that means.

Well lets start at the begining. At worrk i was pkcking heavy ammo. I could feel it was pulling in my back. After my break I asked my supervisor if i could gwt help. He looked at the rest of the order and told me there was only 20 plus lines to pick and I had to do it myself. So i finished up the order when i was walking out the door i told him my back hurt reallly bad. The next day went back to work. The supervisor put me on light orders for the day. Well on wednesday when i went in my 1st order was 2 really heavy cases of ammo. Someone helped do that. Then it was a light order then the next one was 10 cases of ammo. vut this time no one was around to help me so i did it myself. By noon wednesday i was crying beause 'i hurt'so bad. I finished one more order and told my supefvisor i could no'longer pick. He sent me yo human resources and'she got me an appt.

My point being is rhar i asked for help and he refused to give it to me. Also to last May corporate was out. Once they found out what was going on they wanted to fire the supervisor. But the warehouse supervisor and human resources talked corporate into giving him probation for 6 months and nothing happened. What can be done to the company for keeping him there?? My superviisor is trying to fire me because of my injury I zm sure. the littlest things he writes me up now for. Example. I made a mistake on packing i knew this so i went to hiim for help. Yeah he hekped me figure it out but he did write me up for it. I didnt get that. Now if i make a mistakr i just ship it out.

So i really do need help with this problem. I know most attorneys take this type of case and when i would win they collect.

Asked on 8/25/12, 6:46 pm

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Thomas Atkinson Thomas Atkinson

Sorry to hear about the harrasment at work. Often times work injuries lead to harrasment by the employer to get you to quit. By quitting you may eliminate some of your workers compensation benefits. DO NOT quit! Feel free to call me as I specialize in MN workers compensation.

Tom Atkinson


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Answered on 8/25/12, 11:27 pm

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