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I am the parent of 2 children and the PPR. My ex, who I do not get along with... lives close but a town away I moved over this past summer-so I had to put both daughters in a new school system( same county but different district)- one starting HS the other middle school. All was well until a month ago when my daughter stated complaining she didnt like the kids at school that some were being mean to her- so she complained to her father and his girlfriend who were lived that I selfishly moved away in the first place, even though I arranged all the transportation to make it easier to keep visits w dad. I also have texts from father and girlfriend telling my 14 yr old to hang in "that daddy is getting it all taken care of- and that mommy cant do anything about it, so clean out your locker etc"...which is coercion to a child...I lived in the same town w ex for 7 years- recently engaged and bought home w fiance... He just recently withdrew her and signed her up at the high school in town by him(25 min away from me) and its been only 3 days and I just rec'd a letter he did himself through the court saying that he is wanting me to sign - that I will no longer be the PPR and he will be and that he isnt going to pay any child support for her anymore. I am disgusted that this even happened but my daughter cried for days and refused to go to school and I met with social services at school and she would listen to them to stay at the school. Now I have to figure out a plan where I can keep my daughter and see her and make sure she is ok- and possibly drive her to her fathers school twice a week and have her very weekend to keep sure that I physically have her more than him. I dont want to pull her out of school as she's only been there a week and she may enjoy it or not- but she cant go transferring back and forth at a whim. What are my legal rights other than he is in direct violation of our agreement now and trying to cover himself by having me sign off as PRR? Can she live there just to go to school as I stay PPR? keep her Child support as well?

Asked on 1/10/14, 1:30 pm

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Robert Davies The Davies Law Firm, P.A.

No. The answer is NO. do not sign anything.

And teenage children cause problems all the time for the parent that is raising them. That does not mean the child gets to do whatever she/he wants.

Call me, come in and see me, and I will assist you with this.

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Answered on 1/10/14, 1:52 pm

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