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I am a married woman, who is a US citizen. A few years ago, when I was going to college, I met this guy who went to the same school, and had the same classes as I did. I did not have an interaction with him besides school, and did not even engage in conversation with him. He did not show attention to me during my undergraduate studies, but one night, I was with some friends, and he tried approaching me. I was confused, because I never really interacted with him on that level, but he was intoxicated. He made his motives known when he wanted to engage in sexual intercourse. I flatly refused and denied him. He became aggressive and attempted to rape me. I never filed charges, because I come from a deeply conservative family, and have tried to put that incident behind me, which happened two years ago. I am completely fine now, but the only reason I bring it up again is because this one person seems to want back in my life.

Last summer, I got married, and this guy emerges out of no-where and tries to contact me online and on my phone, when I never gave him that information. All I know about this guy is he was on a student visa from Pakistan while attending the University. I do not know his visa status as of now, but he is in Pakistan currently, and plans to come to America soon.

The reason I write now is because my husband and I had our one year anniversary a few days ago, and this guy has been harassing me and my husband both. He keeps messages me on facebook, and I feel scared, because he has threatened me and keeps saying he still "wants me", besides clearly telling me that he does not accept me with another man. I just thought he was unstable at first and avoided him.

I thought I could handle it on my own, by blocking his emails, and cutting off any way that he can, but since the internet is flawed in security breaches, he has found other means to still get in contact. He knows people I know that went to school with me in college, and their the only people that I can think of that he might be manipulating for information, as they do not know my past with him.

Anyways, his emails have become obsessive lately, he couldn't get in contact with me, so now he is harassing and threatening my husband. He has promised to physically threaten him and make sure he succeeds in "getting me back." My husband did not respond to any of his messages, because he thought by ignoring them, he would stop. But the guy keeps provoking my husband by sending extremely crude and vulgar messages.

He is straining my husband and me emotionally, and we are genuinely worried that he is capable of following through on his promises. He promised he would be in America soon, and as a US citizen, I was wondering can anything done be in this case to prevent him to come here?

I don't know if his threats are empty or not, but since I did have that one incident with him in college, I am scared he is mentally unstable even now and he become fixated on me.

I don't know how this is going to qualify for harassment, since he is not a US citizen and lives in another country, but if he plans on coming here I don't doubt he will not try his best to continue to bother me and my husband, and possibly harm us.

Additionally, when the threats that seems to re-emerge a few days ago after such a long time, the guy was bold enough to send me gifts, which completely disgusted me. He sent a bouquet of flowers, which was totally unacceptable and inappropriate.

Please advice me what to do. I am losing sleep over this.

Asked on 6/29/10, 6:34 pm

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I would recommend thast you file a complaint with the District Attorney and then follow-up with a complaint to the immirgration department so that they can put a "flag" on his name should he attempt to return to the U.S.

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Answered on 6/30/10, 2:56 am

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