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Violence was incited against me , 3 online platforms where used to spread rumors that are untrue.I contacted one of the platforms through mail to remove the videos and statements used to spread lies about me.I was told I would have to contact the person whom posted the information and it was the property of the subscribed owner. The online platform said they could do nothing. In light of people being accused of inciting violence through social media I’ve noticed people getting there accounts and videos taken down by social media companies.Seem like a double standard.I have been blackballed in the small community I’ve only lived in 3 years. After taken the defendants to court for cyberstalking and defamatory ,libelous the defendants flee my state on the day of court.According to my attorney the court stated extradition from the state they ran to isn’t an option.I wrote to state reps, town officials with no response, no help.

Asked on 1/13/21, 7:06 pm

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Amanda Houser The Houser Law Firm, P.C.

Virtually nothing about your tale of woe make any sense. Typically, people don't screw with you without cause. So if people got online and screwed with you - they must have had a reason to do so - very often rightly so. Also you say you have been blackballed in a community based on the word of people who fled the community. That's not typically how communities work. Anyone who would flee would likely not carry the weight to turn others against you and if they did - you shouldn't want to be part of that community anyway. The way communities work is they get together against people they don't like and make the person they don't like flee or they bury them in the desert - depending. I think you should simply count yourself lucky that they chose to handle things like little girls and didn't have the sack to deal with you in a proper old school way by actually physically harming or killing you. All that's said, I am really not sure what it is you expect to be done - you it appears you wasted money retaining an attorney, took your shot in criminal and civil court and came up short. Since they have 'fled the state' maybe think of that as a victory and let it go. Best of luck.

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Answered on 1/14/21, 8:20 am

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