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I have lived with my boyfriend for about 7 years. He left once in 2020 for 6 months. We are not engaged. We have no children. The house we live in is mine. I have lived there for 25 years. I'm still making payments on it. He is not on the deed/or mortgage papers. All of our financial accounts are seperate. I want to break up and ask him to leave. I'm afraid he is going to refuse and I know he will try to say he is owed money for any repairs he has made. But there is nothing in writing that I asked him to do it. Not contracts that I was to pay him any money. For years he didn't even pay any bills. He has been paying $1000 a month for last year to live there to help with bills. I know he will threaten to sue me because he is a narcissist and that is type of person he is. I want to know does he have any legal recourse or any ground to stand on to sue me or be entitled to my home or assets? I also own a camper in mountains which he did give me half for. It's all in my name. I am prepared to give him the camper if I have to.

Asked on 3/17/22, 12:49 pm

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If you aren't married you can tell him to leave and if he doesn't call local law enforcement to remove him for trespassing. They may or may not do that. Often law enforcement will take the easy way out and say this is a civil matter not criminal and if so you will likely have to evict him. He isn't going to get you house or any of your things / assets based on your description. However, he may sue you. If he does, it is likely because he believes he is entitled to be reimbursed for some of his investment in the relationship - not because he is a 'narcissist'. That is basically just a fad word people (especially women) like to throw around these days as if it means something other a simple jerk. As to what sort of odds he would have of being successful likely not very good, again based soley on your description here. Best of luck.

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Answered on 3/17/22, 1:40 pm

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