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My completely legal/insured Car was towed off of a NC interstate without any pre-tow knowledge by me. I wasn’t called and quite sure there is no letter regarding the tow.

My car broke down on a Thursday night about 2 hours from where I currently reside. They conveniently waited till the weekend (Friday) to tow it. Now stating tow is $200, storage per day is $50 and they paid a locksmith $150 to enter my car to tow it. I call bull. I believe I need representation. Looking through the NC legalities…$25 is top charge per day. I’ve not found anything about locksmith but pretty sure they are in no need of charging me $150 for one.

Help…please. Car was with tag, insured and up to date on all things. Instate tag. It sat from Friday day (when I finally got a ride from it) to the following Friday. I had to wait until I got paid to get a ride from my home to Winston Salem to retrieve my car. It was in no way obstructing traffic. I have photos! Also no sticker tags on my car.

Asked on 1/09/22, 4:10 pm

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Of course it was towed and that is as it should be. How could you with a straight face possibly say or believe otherwise? You should have immediately made arrangements to have the car towed yourself and if you are gonna cry "I couldn't afford it" - then you simply should not have been driving and need to think about what would have been cheaper. If you aren't smart enough to know better than to just leave your broke down car on the side of an interstate for damn near a week instead of making immediate towing arrangements yourself - legal representation isn't going to help you. The legal fee to attempt to avoid your obvious responsibility would be likely more than the fees to get the car back with no guarantee you'd win. Those fees and the hard pop to your wallet are meant to learn you a lesson in responsibility and considerateness that you should have learned by the time you entered kindergarten. Your best bet is to just man-up, pay your fees and learn your lesson because if you don't, this kind of thing is likely gonna pop you repeatedly throughout your life until you do. You should be grateful your car wasn't stolen, vandalized and / or stripped which is likely more in line with what your incredibly bad and even more incredibly entitled decision deserves. Hope this helps but I know it likely won't.

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Answered on 1/09/22, 5:33 pm

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