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I am receiving harassing calls at work and they are calling my manager stating that they have charges against me and are going to come to work and embarrass me in regards to this if I wont give them personal information about myself. I told them they can not contact me here and they have been calling over and over.

Asked on 6/06/12, 11:01 am

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First, who is "they?" A debt collector? There are laws - the FDCPA (which applies to debt collectors) and the PA Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act which applies to original creditors. If either is told. in writing, not to contact you at work, then its a violation to do so.

So have you done that? Just telling them over the phone does no good. It has to be in writing.

Second, nobody has "charges" against you. Have you committed a crime? If so then "they" can file a charge with the police if they choose. But if you have not committed a crime (just getting a pay day loan or making charges on a credit card that you intend to pay back is NOT a crime) then do not worry.

This sounds awfully like a pay day lender and in that case your best bet is to contact the attorney general for assistance. Pay day lenders have to be registered in PA and they probably are not. They make empty threats in that they are not going to file charges nor are they going to file a lawsuit because they are not properly registered. Nor are they going to show up at your workplace. Depending on the pay day lender (or even a debt collector) they probably located overseas (pay day lenders) or out of state.

And why would someone call for you personal information? You have left out too many details. Try re-posting with more facts or if you to get into the specifics, I give free email consults. Please contact me at [email protected]

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Answered on 6/06/12, 11:27 am
Amy Bennecoff Ginsburg Kimmel & Silverman

It sounds like they are trying to intimate you into either making a payment over the phone without obtaining actual verification of the debt or providing your personal information so they can harass you at home in an attempt to collect a debt.

Under the FDCPA, once a consumer informs the debt collector that they are not allowed to receive personal calls at work and to stop calling them - if you continue to receive such calls they have now violated your rights.

If you would like to call me I can take your information over over the phone and let you know if there is something we can do to STOP the harassing collection calls. We are a Consumer Protection Law Firm which means that we represent Consumers for free. You may contact me directly at:

Angela K. Troccoli, Esquire

Kimmel & Silverman, PC

(860) 866-4380

[email protected]

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Answered on 6/14/12, 9:58 am

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