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In tn a year split sentence is the same as 11/29? And how much time is estimated to be served for either one in a county jail

Asked on 4/14/20, 4:49 pm

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I an speak with authority only as to how things are done in Montgomery County (Clarksville) Tennessee. While the law is supposed to be standard throughout the state, different sheriffs see things differently, so like they say on television "Your mileage may vary."

In short, yes. A sentence of 11 months and 29 days is treated almost exactly the same as a one year sentence to be served on split confinement.

First of all, make sure you are talking about a sentence for which added credits are authorized. Some offenses require that a sentence be served "day-for-day," or a large part of the sentence be served day-for day before the inmate may earn extra credit only on the part "left over."


One Year = 365 days, and 11/29 = 364 days, but, 1/4 is automatically deducted if the inmate behaves "uprightly." That leads to a sentence of 270 days to "flatten" the sentence, assuming no other credits are earned and retained. But there are ways to earn "extra credits" while serving a jail sentence. For example, earn a GED in jail = 60 days credit against service of the sentence. Some counties have workhouses, where the inmate can volunteer for work (cooking, cleaning as a trustee; or actual housing in a workhouse where the inmates ride the bus to pick up trash five days a week). Each day of work = 2 days credit against the sentence.

But there is no need to fret, talk to your lawyer in the county where you will be serving your sentence and determine what you MUST serve, and what you MAY serve.

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Answered on 4/14/20, 8:32 pm

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