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I'm scared,

Five years ago, my mom has diagnosed with cancer after a year and half lost her job. She had no health insurance at all. In the time of treatment, she used credits to pay her medications, Dr. visiting...After that she's unable to paid those credit card debts. Months ago one of the credit card company sue her. She's so scared, therefore, she went to law office for help(He's paralegal). He asked for $1500 for bankruptcy case, because my mom has no money, therefore, my sister helped her to deposit $500. Now, I received the letter from court said my mom has to appear in court for next month. I called this paralegal and he disappeared he took down his website, never answered telephones. I have called some other paralegals in area and they said this guy has disappeared and he no longer in business. That's all they said. What I'm going to do now to help my mom? I lost my job for 2 years and has no money at all. My mom's disabled since then, she's unable to work at all, she received $219 a month on SS and she has to pay $90 a month on Medicare. Now, we really has no money at all to seek another lawyer. What can we do? What if my mom don't appear in court? My mom has nothing, she's married, but the house is under my dad's name(When we bought the house, someone has stole my mom credit, ss and applied cell phone from Verizon and never paid for that, it caused my mom bad credit on the time of buying the house).

Please help

Thank you very much!

Asked on 4/23/15, 10:22 am

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Rogena Atkinson The Law Offices Of R.J.Atkinson,LLC

I would suggest you contact the United States Trustee's Office regarding the paralegal who worked on your mothers case. There are rules about lawyers and non-lawyers assisting debtors in bankruptcy court. Their office will likely investigate this paralegal and his business practices. However, they will be limited, on advice they can give your mother in her pending bankruptcy case. It is advisable that you seek legal counsel, but if you can not afford an attorney, look for groups of lawyers that volunteer their services. The local bar association may be able to give you a referral. Also, check with a local law school or charitable organization to see if they have a legal clinic. Or, contact a bankruptcy attorney who may be willing to assist you for a reduced fee. I really cant answer your questions about the case, since I do not know enough about her specific situation.

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Answered on 4/24/15, 6:16 am

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