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I have a question to ask. I just got in the mail today an letter from the Department of Social Service/Child Support Enforcement. It is saying this

Stacey Kuhar vs. John H Deane

To the person Summoned: The District Manager of this office commands you to Appear at 10:45 AM on 12/17/2013 at the above address to provide essential information for the establishment or enforcement of child support. Failure to appear will be considered contempt of this summons and actions including suspension or non-renewal of your driver's license may be taken by this division to gain your compliance.

This summons is issued by the Division of Child Support Enforcement, Department of Social Service, Commonwealth of Virginia, in accordance with authority granted under 6.2-1903F of the Code of Virginia

the following applies to you

An order for child support and a provision for health insurance will be entered. Enclosed is a financial statement that must be completed and bought with you on the day of your appearance. Include pay records, tax statements, divorce papers, and any other documents that will verify your financial situation, including the monthly cost you will incur to provide heath care coverage on your dependents if it is available to you though your employer or other group-related policy. YOU DO NOT NEED TO APPEAR IF YOU RETURN THE FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS AT LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR TO THE APPEARANCE DATE INDICATED ABOVE.

If someone can please explain this to me because I don't know why she is doing this.

She is my son aunt that has custody of him right now became he would not go to school for me or his mother. so the judge gave custody to his aunt. the question I have also does my wife get on of this papers also because it does not say anything on my paper if she did or not. we are not living together so it might not show up like that.

Also If I have a prepaid credit card to send down to my son does that matter if I do that so that why I am showing that I am sending money to him so he can get things.

Also as far as I know he is not going to stay down there that long so I don't know why there are getting involve with this case. unless his aunt is asking for it to help out down there. I did get an message saying that I can send anything that I would like to them to help out so I would like to see if they are just getting things set up or will I have to start paying child support for him why he is down there.

I am going to try to get him back ASAP if I can this was an case that my son was in as a Child in need of service for not going to school.

thank you for taking this and looking forward on your answer on this matter

Asked on 12/10/13, 12:43 am

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Michael Hendrickson Law Office Michael E. Hendrickson

Why is she doing this, you inquire, i.e., your son's aunt seeking child support and heath insurance coverage for YOUR minor child whom the court has apparently awarded custody of and who is therefore entitled to receive this support under Virginia law?

The answer is simple becasue she has a valid order for custody and apparently both you as well as your wife are not meeting your respective support obligations under the referenced law and so therefore she has had to enlist the services of DCSE to assist her with theser matters.

And, you had better show up for your scheduled appointment at the District

office with the required financial inforamtion if you want to keep driving your

car and to avoidi other possible adverse actions that could be taken against

you for failing to comply with DCSE's lawful requests in this matter.

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Answered on 12/10/13, 8:31 am

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