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Founded in 2003, Bukh Law Firm, P.C. has provided a fresh and unique approach to the practice of law that has enabled us to reach an in-courtroom success rate of approximately 98%. The US legal code is a good lawyer’s best friend, providing a means in every case for a successful outcome. Through careful research, diligence, and innovative thinking we are able to provide all of our clients with an outcome that is favorable to them and that we can be proud of. Ask any one of our past clients about their experience with our attorneys and they will tell you that not only did we find a successful conclusion to their case, but also that we treated them with dignity and respect, regardless of the circumstances. Part of being a successful attorney in a city filled with lawyers is remembering that you are serving a unique person with feelings, hopes, and fears—not just “a client” for whom you can charge billable hours. When you embrace the attorney-client relationship as a partnership then what you can accomplish is limitless. Our approach to law, our success in the courtroom, and our attitude has earned us number #1 rankings in consumer reviews, a fact which we are extremely proud of.
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