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Please help… I am in a very difficult situation.

I know I am responsible for it. I am addicted to my sexual feelings and due to this I had a lot of boy friends. Then I met a guy, he said he loves me and we were in a relationship for 4-6 months. Then I realized he was serious in the relationship and so I started avoiding him because I am not right for him. He got doubtful about my behavior, snatched my phone and got to know about all my wrong doings(sex chats, phone sex, sex with 5-6 guys). From then, he used to ask me to change all that and I made clear I don’t want to see him or be in a relationship with him. He continuously abused me sexually (3 times) and verbally(almost every day after he is drunk in the night). I have silently bared all this with a perception that I am being punished for my wrongdoings. However, though I have reduced the frequency of my wrong doings, I used to do one or two occasionally. He tortured me every possible way. Now, this guy got in touch with my parents, brother and is blackmailing me that he would expose in front of everybody I know, insult me and will finally murder my family.

I thought of going abroad in the name of MS so that I can run away from him. He is also blackmailing that he will complain with the police with all those msgs and calls as proof.

Me and my family are shattered. Due to his behavior his family has disowned him. We are scared that he would do every single thing. I come from a very well reputed family of a small town. Please help me. Will I be prosecuted? Is there any way I can save myself and my family?

Asked on 8/29/15, 5:04 am

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Vivek Mapara Vivek N. Mapara


This is basically your private affair, as to what you do on the phone call etc., and no one has any concern about it, unless it is a case of prostitution or human trafficking, which seems not the case here. So, there is no scope that you can be prosecuted about this, or any legal harm can be done to you or your family members.

If you want to get rid of this, you need to file a compliant before the Police for sexual abuse, molestation, blackmailing and physical assault. These are very serious offences, and the boy will be put behind the bars. Do not be afraid, he cannot do any harm to you legally even if he impeaches your character, then also, you cannot be punished and boy cannot escape.

He is giving you threat so you do not do any thing against him. You have strong legal basis to prosecute him.

Feel free to contact should you require any assistance.


Vivek N Mapara


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Answered on 8/29/15, 1:22 pm

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