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I was parked on a public road at night on break from delivering postmates orders and there was two exits to where I was at. One police vehicle past me and I figured was doing routine check to make sure there was no suspicious people in the area then another came and stopped about 20ft diagonally away from my front driver side and blinded me with the

spotlight I asked if there was a reason for spotlight three times without an answer I started my car and immediately was told to turn it off. I was then informed it was to see what I was doing then flashlight shined in my car and the officer saw something on my passenger seat and I was searched and ticketed with 2 misdemeanors of possession and possession of paraphernalia. In no way was I doing anything wrong and definetely wasn’t about to do anything as I was just waiting for an order to deliver. I have hardly any money to retain a lawyer to help defend my 4th ammendment which I believe was severely ignored by these officers to which I respected prior to this incident. Is there anything I can do? I was literally boxed in spotlighted and detained all for an inquiry as to what I was doing which constituted me having to be ticketed embarrassed and having anxiety attacks scrambling to try and find a way to defend my well being and my future as a father of 2 boys. None of this seems right to me and I need help. Thank you for your time

Asked on 7/14/20, 3:03 pm

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Steven Mandell Law Offices of Steven R. Mandell

You probably have a court date to appear in court. When you get there, ask to speak to the Public Defender. They may be able to represent you for free or for a very minimal fee. If there is a good case of illegal search and seizure in violation of your 4th Amendment rights, they can challenge the search and seizure and your case may be dismissed. I don't know which county you're in, but public defenders are for the most part the best criminal lawyers in the court because they practice criminal law every day. To hire a private lawyer to represent you sounds like an impossibility due to your financial situation. And, depending on some things I don't know about you, you may be eligible for a diversion program which will not ruin your future. Good luck. Steve Mandell

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Answered on 7/14/20, 5:04 pm

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