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I have a question. My boyfriend and I live in Florida. We have been together a little over 2 years and have a 14 month old son together. Well about 2 years before we met, he met a girl here in Florida that was here from Germany. Well to make a long story short. They met and dated for about a 2 weeks. Then he found out that she was working as a stripper because she went to jail for showing too much at the bar. Then she told him that she was stripping because she couldnt get a regular job because she was here illegibly. She paid a man $1,000 to married her and I guess immagration found out she was lying. Anyways they stopped talking then a few months later she called him and said she was pregnant and that she was moving back to Germany. Well first she said it was his, then she said it wasn't. So fast forward to she moved back to Germany when she was 5 months pregnant. Well they talked online here and there. She told him she had a scheduled csection, so he flew to Germany to see the baby. And after she had the baby she didn't give the baby his last name and didn't put him on the birth certificate. He asked her why if not, if he is the dad. She ended up telling him that he wasn't the dad again and she was sorry. that the reason she said he was, was because she didnt was her family thinking bad of her because she didnt know who the dad was. And that my boyfriend is a good guy that works, etc.. Also they baby didnt look anything like him.. So now we fast forward to now.. The baby is 2 1/2 years old and my boyfriend got served with papers from Germany saying that he is the father and that he has to pay child support. They served him papers at his job. They just served him Jan 5, 2012 But the papers are dated Feb 2011 So I guess they have been trying to serve him for a year. We are lost! and dont know what to do! Last time he talked to the girl he wasnt the father and she had a boyfriend in Germany that the little girl was calling Dad. Also I forgot to say they only dad sex one time. And on the papers he was served said they were together and having sex from july 16, 2008 through november 11, 2008 which is the period of conception. and that is a lie.. I dont know what we need to do.. and also the paper dont have a court date, or phone number, address, etc NOTHING so what are we suppose to do???? They are paper from the German Courts.. DO we have to do anything.. Can my boyfriend get in trouble if he disgrauds them????? PLEASE HELP!!!

Asked on 1/20/12, 9:22 am

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David Willig David S. Willig, Chartered

You should seek to have representation before the court in Germany. If you disregard it, you may end up with a judgment against you to pay until the child reaches the age of majority.

We may be able to assist you in finding counsel in Germany. David S. Willig, Chartered, Miami, Florida Tel. 305-860-1881

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Answered on 1/20/12, 11:21 am

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