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My husband goes to a trade school that has been doing questionable things to several people. First he signed papers to start last November. He was busy getting his high school transcript (which that school offered no help), and called his school the Friday before classes started. They told him it was cancelled. He had no way of knowing, if he didn't call. Then he finally started in February. His first semester consisted of a horrible teacher who yelled, cursed, and argued with the class, no syllabus, no structured curriculum. Many of the information that was provided was in Spanish (husband is not spanish) and incorrect. When my husband would point out errors, they would simply say it was put there to see if they would catch it. He was there to learn, but instead had to sift through what was correct/incorrect, what was in English, and whether the teacher even had anything for them to do in those 5 hours. My husband talked to the teacher, nothing happened. He talked to the office, nothing happened. Finally, the next semester they gave the class a new teacher (they were supposed to stay with the same teacher). This teacher was much better, and the class had a lot of catching up to do because they didn't learn the things they were supposed to. On top of that, they finally got a syllabus, and learned that much of what the admissions representative had told them was false. They wouldn't be learning what they were led to believe they would. Uniforms finally came after 60% of the program has passed (automotive school ), and only after my husband talked to the president of the school. they promised them projects to work on, gave it to them after much on my husband's part, but then take it away with shady reasons. The teachers are getting frustrated with that fact too, because they need something to work on. They end up spending their own money, and the class is bringing in their own parts to work on. My husband just removed a 350 small block from an old truck owned by his mother, which has tons of sentimental value . she was all excited thinking the truck would finally be up and running. This was at the request of the teacher, because the motor was in line with what they needed to learn and they needed something physical to work on. He takes it to school after some significant effort, and the school denies it because it is not in the curriculum. the only thing that is in the curriculum, is in Spanish and is basic mechanics. My husband has all the ground work and was led to believe this would provide him the next level. The program is racing technology, and so far the teachers are carrying the lessons on their own with many interferences by the school. The office is very "back and forth" too. They say my husband owes $116 and he goes to pay, but it is only $39. We had it written in paper just in case they ask for the money later. To other people they were trying to use a new contract that the person didn't sign and charge them $2000 more. The never fixed it, so he left. Many people in the class have made huge sacrifices to be in it. One person came from Wisconsin, another lives 1 1/2 hours away, and my husband has a full time 3rd shift job that he had to get special permission to push his start time back to work with the school hours. he gets virtually no sleep, especially on days when he has to work extra. The class went from 9 to just 3 people. My husband is working too hard to get the school to give him a decent education, or the very least what was promised. we have taken out loan money, and pay monthly to the school. This isn't a free program, and he is definitely not getting what we thought would be worth the amount of money and sacrifice. The school is new and is based in Puerto Rico. Is there any legal grounds here?

Asked on 9/15/15, 7:05 am

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Angelo Marino Angelo Marino Jr. PA

This may be a class action case. We are investigating a number of them. I suggest your husband obtain all the paperwork relating to this school, his contract, loan papers, ads and advertisements, letters, etc., and contact a lawyer that handles class action cases, as my firm does. Most class action firms work with other law firms thought our the country. See

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Answered on 9/15/15, 8:43 am

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