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I was released from work 11 june 2010 , for gross disrespect? The Plant Mgr , whom I never spoke to in the 5 months I worked there ,picked me out of a crowd at the time clock,and had the secretary come get me.. He claimed I was standing at the time clock for 10 minutes , when I arrived at the time clock at 6:58 am with a group of people cloking out for the day.. He then began to holler at me , to which I stepped out into the hallway , because I was'nt going to remain in that hostile enviroment. He then hollered at me to get back in ther - don't make that mistake , I fired your husband I can fire you ... to which I took that as a threat . He had fired my husband - Equipment Mgr. back in Febuary , as he told my husband - Personality Conflict - that he didnt like him , yet His termination papers stated he was realeasd because he didn't know his job ..over 28 yrs of Thermoforming and he doesnt know his job.? I had no write -ups , always showed up for work, and had no issues with anyone . I feel I was terminated because He didn't like my Husband , and that my termination was his way of getting back at my husband - especially after that comment was made to me the day he hollered at me. I can't get anyoine at the Home office to return my call - so I can file a Complaint against this Mgr. ... I am thinking of filing with the E..E.O.C ... Do I have a chance?

Asked on 7/16/10, 11:19 am

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Georgia's right to work laws are pro business and they can fire anyone for any reason other than prohibited discrimination reasons (race, age, etc -- which are usually hard to prove) Fight any and all disallowmwnt of UE benefits and let employer prove your failure to perform (get husband to do same) You'll need a good UE lawyer - hire one ASAP to protect your rights (maybe he/she will do you and your husband's case as a package deal)

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Answered on 7/16/10, 6:18 pm

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