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Over the weekend, October 14-15, 2017, I went to a restaurant in Michigan, a place I often frequent. I arrived at the restaurant around 1130 PM and was greeted by a waitress I usually like seeing and have wait on me. I do not remember if she hugged me or not, but it isn't out of the realm of possibility. I ordered my food, ate, and stayed around as I usually do.

Around midnight some acquaintances from the restaurant arrived and I went outside to sit with them. The waitress came out to wait on them as well. While outside the waitress would "play hit me" to which I was used to. However, at one point I said I was going to poke her in her butt. To which she replied, "you better not" or something to the line.

She then proceeded to draw on the top of my scalp. I then poked her outer mid thigh. She reacted appalled, but that was it. She continued to wait on us and nothing seemed different. I left the restaurant around 2 AM with no thought of any wrong doing. I even went back to the restaurant later on Sunday with no idea there was an issue.

I learned Tuesday the waitress had been fired from the restaurant. I also learned that she told the cook what I did and that I should be banned. I have also heard that she has filed a police report, on me I believe. All of this comes from friends who are on her Facebook and are sending me screen captures.

I have heard from the restaurant owners that the videos from that night do not appear to show me doing anything improper.

This was a waitress I thought was a "friend". I do not believe the waitress knows my full name or how to spell my name properly. Though I have driven her home and taken her by my place, I do not think she has my address.

My question to you is: how concerned should I be? Should I obtain your services as a "just in case" or if an investigator contacts me?



Asked on 10/18/17, 10:04 am

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Christopher Brown Brown & Associates, Legal Services, PLLC

As an attorney, and former police officer myself, do not make a statement to the police. Contact my office if you have any questions. I've handled many cases in the investigative stage. See

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Answered on 10/18/17, 10:14 am

You should be concerned. However, you should not discuss the case with ANYBODY. You should not spreak to the police or ANYBODY else about the incident. If you are contacted by the police, you should immediately contact us at 1 866-766-5245.

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Answered on 10/18/17, 11:04 am

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