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Situation: Male patient tells Female medical professional he abuses opiates on first visit going into great detail regarding how he has abused opiates ; so medical professional writes in his chart the diagnosis: history of opiate abuse, patient reads that and goes ballistic and starts harassing the medical profession in a threatening way stating he will destroy her reputation online and that she is prostitute and other nasty stuff, (let me preface this by saying she is excellent medical practitioner who gives up alot of personal life to help people and works in under-served population area and has gone out of her way to help this person in past. patient keeps non-stop harassing her, saying hateful untrue things, she goes to administration for assistance and they take patient's side and tell her she is in the wrong, he continues to escalate his hate behavior and they support the patient stating she needs to remove diagnosis of (history of opiate abuse) from chart, they seem to think he will sue or something like that, she feels devastated, she worked so hard to help patient, he is now using hateful language against her and then when she turns to administration for help ---- they say she is in the wrong because she documented what HE told her ..... what is your opinion.... I know this lady and she is hardworking medical professional and as medical professionals when we first meet a patient we will document what they say in the chart because that is what they are telling us... She tells me he acted strangely during first office visit and seemed a little high and was provocative He is acting like a borderline personality with uncontrolled rage issues, and appears to be misogynist can my friend protect herself and why is administration taking his side? I must again stress she went out of her way to help him and he was noncompliant. She is great medical professional and works so hard with not-great pay.......I think she may leave the profession which would be terrible waste. What can I say to my friend, how can I support her and how do you view this situation..... believe me she is such a sweet nice hard-working person and he is causing so much trouble with his nasty words ...... she does not respond to his ugly emails and posts --- but he is causing such stress

Asked on 8/16/19, 8:01 am

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Dear Client,

Please pay for the question and I would be more than happy to help you.

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Dr. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge, BJ, MA, TESOL, LLB, EdD

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