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I AM A LEGAL LICENSED SEX WORKER AT A LEGAL WELL KNOWN BROTHEL IN NEVADA.CAN I GET FULL CUSTODY? I just turned 18. Foster care since 12yrsold, been in group homes since then. I had a baby. I didn't want to raise him in a group home and he wasn't happy at the group home I was at. So selflessly I did what I thought was best so my son will be HAPPY and had his fathers mom take care of him until I aged out of foster care and got an apt so I didn't have to have him live at a miserable teen mom group home with me. I am now 18 and have a 2bedroom 2bath apt in a nice area in Las Vegas. Hes in Cali w/ his grandma. I find she is smoking meth in the house when my baby is there and her friend(who babysits) threatens him with a cold shower and a wooden spoon and saying she'll bite him nd leave a scar.i want to take him with me permanently.can I get full custody? My rights were never taken son is 2 yrs old. His father is VERY verbally and somewhat physically abusive toward our son to the point where my baby stiffens and gets scared and cautious whenever his dad decides to come around which is about once a month even though they are in the Same city. My sons dad lives with his father and has no job and does drugs which I have proof.he's also physically abusive to me even though we aren't even together or hardly talk. I haven't been with him for a year or so. What do I need to show the court as far as income improve my chances of full custody? My rights have never been taken we have never been to court but I want FULL custody. I am a LEGAL sex worker so I don't I don't think that would have any negative effect.

Asked on 1/30/14, 12:17 am

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Roger Harada Law Office of Roger R. Harada

Despite your question being fairly fact specific, there is quite a bit of important information that is missing from your narrative that allows for an answer to be given that is fair to you. In reality, you are asking for what would be the final definitive result of a case you may have difficulty bringing in the first place, and where that case should be brought can't be determined by what you stated. Your case is way too complex, both factually and legally, to be able to fairly answer without detailed analysis. You should consult with a domestic relations attorney in your area. If you have some court order or there has been a written custodial determination(s) regarding your child, you should bring that to the consultation.

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Answered on 1/30/14, 1:08 pm
Marshal Willick Willick Law Group

Roger is completely correct -- any meaningful answer will require a consultation with a family law specialist to go over an awful lot of facts about who did what, when, and where, and who has been where, for how long, before a decisive answer could be given.

In preparation, consider creating a timeline to explain those facts. A guideline for how to create a timeline is posted at

In the meantime, however, if you want to review the rules that govern the jurisdiction question (i.e., where you have to file to get what you are seeking), look at the article titled "The Basics of Family Law Jurisdiction," posted at That same web page has good deal of information that will help you about how the case would proceed if your case is heard in Nevada.

In the meantime, if you really believe that the child is in physical danger, you should contact Child Protective Services wherever the child is located.

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Answered on 1/30/14, 3:14 pm

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