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Hello, my name is Robert I'm 19 years old. I went to wildwood at 6/10/17 and leaving 6/12/17 for an after prom get together, I don't really party but when I get a good chance too I will attend. I got a hotel and everything was good. The first night I was there it was very fun. Maybe too much fun for me. I left my hotel at around 2:00am. I lost memory for about 3 hour where I woke up in a jail cell at 5:00. My record is completely clean just a few parking tickets I need to pay. I was never in a jail cell. I was only cuffed once but I was a stupid 14 yr old for trespassing. My dad picked me up afterwards. The complaint says, within the jurisdiction of this court purposely cause or recklessly create the risk of public inconvenience annoyance or alarm by engaging in fighting threatening or tumultuous behavior by an act which served no legitimate purpose of the defentant specifically by forcefully pushing serval people in a large disorderly group. This being in violation of N.J.S. 2C : 33-2 (A)

Below that is says : in violation of [original charge] 2C : 33-2A (1)

I was with another school after prom but it was in the same hotel. I was not forcing pushing, I remember I was just trying to let myself in a the crowd but with a hard embracing sort of like shoving. Once they realized I wasn't in their group they were kicking me out they were forcing pushing me to leaving and accepted it. After leaving down the stairs I don't remember what happened I do have bits of memory left it's very weird but the only action that I could remember and match to the reason I got arrested. I pushed the court date to a month because I live 3 hours and 30 minutes away from wildwood and my appearance date was on the 6/22/17 and I don't have a good car to be driving that long and had to barrow my mom's car. And honestly I don't know how I'm going back in a month. My parents don't know about this, they will be furious. Well I just don't know what to do, should I plead guilty or not guilty. Will I go to jail, if anything I would just like to pay the fee. Please help I don't really know a lot about court. Thank you

Asked on 6/13/17, 6:40 am

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John Ducey Law Offices of John G. Ducey, PC

There is a very very small chance of jail although that it is one of the punishments for the statute you are charged with. You should hire an attorney to get the charge downgraded to a town ordinance. The crime you are charged with would leave you with a criminal record which could haunt you depending on your career or other aspirations in life. The town ordinance would be a fine only. though quite large because there was alcohol or something else involved in the incident. 732/458/5600. I have been to Wildwood on similar types of charges.

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Answered on 6/13/17, 6:48 am
Jef Henninger, Esq Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq.

Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW. We handle Wildwood cases quite often. Just signed up one earlier today.

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Answered on 6/13/17, 9:33 am

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