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I have a custody issue. I live in Ny. We inherited our home through his family. We would get in terrible fight and I would leave so the kids didn't hear it. I grew up with lots of fighting and abuse. I didn't want my kids to see that. I always felt if we were to divorce he would get the house because it was passedd down generations. I would leave for a few days. I would always call and work something out with the kids. I am a stay at home mom so I would go back during the day while he was at work or they would come where I was staying. Always with a friend who had 3 kids of her own. He has bought so many things over the years that we didn't have groceries or diapers at times. He dosent trust me at all and I have never give him reason. I have been depressed ever since we marrried. I lost 2 babies and my first was 2 lbs. I stopped taking my meds and went into sever panic attacks and thought I was going to die. I cut myself in the shower to make it go away. it was only a scratch.. but I know I needed help. I dropped my son of at a good friends and went to the hospital. I was admitted for a week. I got back on my meds and never went off again. It has been 6 years since that happened. For th e next few years I would still have episodes when I had thrown toys or a chair because I still hadn't found the meds that worked for me. The kids didn not see me throw the chair. They have seen me throw toys. I also had post partum depression. I have never thrown anything at my husband or hit him. I am doing great. The past 3/4 years I haven't thrown anything. I am also diagnosed with ADD and have a hard time keeping a job. He has ADD also. We have 3 children. He yells constantly and uses force to make them do things. He discilpines in anger. He lies on a regular basis. He says he has so much stuff on me I will never get the kids. I am the one who has tought them everything. I am the one telling him to be safe with them. He has issues with being safe. He took the kids on the dirtbike with no helmets going fast.. he let them sit all alone in the back of his truck going to his dads. He lives 1/4 mile down the road. Do you think I have any chance at getting my kids? Thanks.. Karlie

Asked on 4/18/12, 4:37 am

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Anne Peyton Bryant Bryant & Bleier LLP

You definitely have a chance of getting your kids. Think positive and be the loving mother that you have already been.

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Answered on 4/19/12, 6:51 pm

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