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I have a question I got an email from my wife telling me about the Deposition for the divorce. I would like to find out about this matter because I don't have a lawyer and I would like to find out what I need to do to stop this if I can. I don't want this marriage to end and she does but I have three kids and I would like to find out what I need to do without an lawyer and I don't want her lawyer to take avenge of me.

this is what I got and I would like to see what I need to have and do if you can give me some help on this matter please.

The office of _______________ at ________________ Culpeper Virginia, the undersigned will take the evidence of Wife and others to be used in a certain divorce action pending in the circuit court of Culpeper county, Virginia.

If the deposition is commenced but not concluded, it shall be continued to a date and time mutually agreeable to counsel for the parties you are notified you may appear at the deposition and take what ever action you deem necessary to protect your interests.

If someone please explain this to me so I now what I need to look forward on this matter.

I know that on the PSA Agreement the wife said that we were separation on December on December 1 and that is not true and I was living in the house of and on because she would go out and get a protection order on me and when we wht to court on April 24th for my son I was still there until then and I was order out of the house on April 25 @ 5pm that day and that is when we should have been when we were not living together at the same house can I stop this if I can from happing or will it go one any why if the wife sign it and I don't sign it. Or do both have to agree on this matter.

Also I need to find out about the Health insurance because she is to care me until the finial divorce is sigh off. also if this goes like I think it will she will own me 60% of her retirement plan.

I really don't know what a Deposition really is it taking the information from one party or both party have to agree on this matter.

If you would please I would like to find out about this matter ASAP please so I can get this done on what I need to do

thank you for your help and I hope you understand what I am asking about

Asked on 12/12/13, 12:33 am

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Michael Hendrickson Law Office Michael E. Hendrickson

You should answer all questions in this deposition which are reasonably likely to lead to admissible evidence in your pending divorce matter.

If such is not the case, i.e., these questions in your estimation are unlikely to

lead to such admissible evidence, then you may refuse to answer them.

FYI, your preferences in regard to wanting your marriage to continue are

irrelevant, i.e., under Virginia law your wife is entitled to receive a

divorce from you whether you oppose it or not.

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Answered on 12/12/13, 8:02 am

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