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My practice is almost exclusively in the areas of criminal defense (on the trial, appellate, and post-appellate levels) and juvenile justice (on the trial level) where I handle abuse and neglect as well as delinquency cases. I work with the criminally accused, both adult and juvenile, and parents accused of abuse and/or neglect. Appointments are at 330 East Liberty, Ste. 3D, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 Types of cases I take: Abuse Child Abuse Domestic Violence Elder Abuse Driving with a Suspended License Driving without a License DUI DWI Felony Auto Accidents Open Container Criminal Defense Aiding, Abetting, Accessory, Conspiracy Appeals Capital Crimes/Capital Cases Felonies Juvenile Crimes Misdemeanors Perjury Plea Negotiation Search & Seizure Truancy Criminal Records Expungement or Expunction Drugs Drug Cultivation & Manufacturing Drug Possession Intent to Distribute Drugs Intent to Sell Drugs Medical Marijuana Firearms & Weapons Constitutional Rights Defense Illegal Possession Other Weapons & Devices Fraud & Financial Crimes Bank Fraud Embezzlement Extortion Forgery Identity Theft Property Crimes Arson Burglary Embezzlement Larceny Shoplifting Theft Trespass Vandalism Sex Crimes Abduction Child Abuse Child Pornography Indecent Exposure Prostitution, Solicitation, & Pandering Rape Sexual Assault Stalking Violent Crimes Assault & Battery Extortion Kidnapping Manslaughter Murder Robbery
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