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Credit Card Defenses, Debt Collector Harassment, Student Loans, Wrongful Repossessions, Foreclosure Defenses and Mortgage Modifications, and Bankruptcy Protections. You'll want to know - I'm a contributor to LETTERS FOR BANKRUPTCY LAWYERS: ESSENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS FOR CLIENTS, CREDITORS, OPPOSING COUNSEL, AND OTHERS edited by Marc S. Stern and Joel Pelofsky (American Bar Association 2006). - I'm also a founding member of the Bankruptcy Law Network (www.bankruptcylawnetwork.com) and a regular contributor to the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the Bankruptcy Roundtable, two specialized bankruptcy forums on the Internet. - I've mentored bankruptcy practitioners throughout the Commonwealth and contributed to the local rules on electronic filing rules through my past membership on the initial ad hoc committee. - I'm recognized by my peers as an expert in consumer bankruptcy issues. - My clients rate me "excellent" in client surveys. - Among my successes are: - The prohibition of foreclosure deficiency notices without an inapplicable-in-bankruptcy legend from Silva v. Harmon, D MA 2003 (CA 01-30140-MAP). - The prohibition of an out-of-state law firm controlling in-state bankruptcy litigation from MBNA v. Steele, Bankr D MA 2003 (02-4137). - Forcing a change to local practice in 1996 to stop payment of a Chapter 7 trustee's fees as a prerequisite for conversion to Chapter 13. - Successfully challenging Chapter 13 trustee objections to plans having a liquidation analysis with assets valued at a liquidation standard, instead of the higher replacement value standard, and Chapter 13 trustee objections to liquidation analyses using estimated fees of a hypothetical Chapter 7 trustee. - I am at the cutting edge in the region for mortgage defense litigation. - My greatest pride is in avoiding needless, costly litigation and risks for my clients by successful pre-filing planning and by well-grounded attacks on unlawful creditor practices.
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