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I need Legal advise in how to adjust living with parents. I am 34 years old male, only son in the family and i guess time is becoming difficult day by day towards conflict building and personal space issues. I have lived outside India since 19 years of age for higher education and my Immigration dropped midway thereby postponing, hurting my personal family planning and them taking my life for granted in terms of the lack of seriousness regarding myself in a proper International job. I have health concerns too as i believe my mind is becoming too much dependant to their kind of lifestyle at half their age which may eventually drive me into a psychotic when alone. If i am not self sufficient for myself how can i support them in their old age. The aura in the home is quite polluted by them always being on smart phones or television or in the kitchen. It is like my mother has vacuumed sleep out of my brain, the moment i fall sleepy in night she just bangs open the door and leaves leaving the door open most of the times. Next day, my whole workday gets affected. I believe they are involved in too many imaginary numbers of people that scares me when they say something that i do not understand. Quite hypnotic. Please get me out of this as soon as possible. Their intentions may not be harmful but it may eventually harm me judging the amount of care my mother has expressed when i was overseas. She gets a hint from me and takes credit for that hook to use the cue against me thereby leaving me speechless. Is that reasonable? I can't even communicate with them the actual topic as they use different modulations of tone and voice to curb what i want to say. Definitely hard to expect from them what i need at this age. I don't know why i feel how they are mentally connected with my contacts that i never want to be in touch with. Why! Please advise. Thanking you.

Asked on 7/22/21, 5:12 am

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The answer to your queries is simple. You may move out and start staying independently. Even though it is a pious obligation of the son to take care of his aging parents but in your situation, compatibility with your parents is a serious issue and affecting your mental health. In case you are earning well for yourself, you may take the decision for your own safety.

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Answered on 7/22/21, 10:46 pm

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