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can the new products of used bottles accepted as invention.

Note: I'm 62 yrs old IR-scientist having 3 non-registered new green energy & about 100 inventions, was near to death in IR. Injuries on my neck & head from last attack of IR-intelligence as they tried to slay me. All of my family including my Egyptian wife have been hostaged to Tehran as I was in Germany in 92 even my son has been killd by them! I'm talking in 5 languages & visited 27 countries. I hide myself & can't run away from their hand. So dark is my life & if was not trusting to GOD many time I was doing suicide.

Amazing is: I'm even top nutritionist: I've discovered & doing healing of diseases even incurables "cancers, prostate, Enlagred heart, overweight, sciatica. I've treated even full pralized coma patient in ICU. But I've no protection & Pakies are not giving my fees. And since 2007 I can't run away from Pakistan.

Thanks in advance: Alireza Tabrizi

Asked on 9/16/13, 11:57 am

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Muhammad Nouman Shams Blackstone Chambers

It would be of an immense pleasure to assist your goodself in protection of yours new inventions i.e. Patents registrations and other Intellectual Property matters in Pakistan. Our response to your specific queries is as follows:


Please note that our Schedule of Charges for filing and prosecution of a Patent application warrants higher professional fee. However, for developing a good relationship our most restricted and discounted professional fee along with official fee (in US$) for filing and prosecuting of a patent application (in case of straight application), is as follows:


Filing of Patent application;

Patents Filing Requirements

1. Power of Attorney signed by the Applicant(s) (Form P-28).

2. Specification and claims (three copies in English on pages of International A-4 size (8 ½ X 11 ¾”).

3. Three copies of drawings, if any, on stout white paper. Sheet of drawings should be in the International A-4 size.

4. In case of convention application where the true or first Inventor is not a party to the application, Form P-2A duly endorsed by Inventor(s) is required. (No legalization is required on this form). The form should be signed by two witnesses also, whose names and complete addresses should also be mentioned on the reverse side of the form.

5. Full name, address, nationality and profession/business of the Applicant(s).

6. Full name, address, nationality and profession/business of the Inventor(s).

7. In case of priority application, a certified copy of the basic specification should be filed along with the application in Pakistan or be filed within three months from the date of filing of the Pakistani Application.

Second Stage:

Examination and Publication:

In Pakistan, there is no substantive Examination as such, however, the Patent Office itself, examines the application on its turn to check the patentability of an invention, novelty requirements and other technical aspects. If, no objection is raised then an application is usually approved for publication in the official Gazette of Pakistan.

If no opposition is filed against the application, then the Patent Controller directs the Applicant to issue the notices to the concerned departments and universities and also to submit the official patent sealing fee. In Pakistan, a patent is valid for 20 years. Annuities are to be paid starting from the fifth year of the patent term and are paid in advance at the beginning of every year.

a) For following up and getting the patent application approved, sending notices to all concerned departments while complying Patent Office’s direction after final publication of patent application in Official Gazette.

We hope that we have been of some assistance to you and look forward to having the opportunity to serve your esteemed law firm with our most efficient and best services, and remain with best regards.

Very truly yours,

Muhammad Nouman Shams

Advocate & IP Counsel



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Answered on 1/24/14, 7:29 am

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