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I recently quit my job due to harassment. this is a copy of the letter i sent to the corporate office, and my payroll company. i will be leaving out the names on the letter. i filed for unemployment and got it due to the harassment. can anything be done about this situation?

I have been a server for ____for almost 4 years now.At first everything was great, In the time that I have worked there I have worked for 9 different managers,First started out with T___, and B____I was ordered to work off the clock at the end of the night. Then my checks were short hours, then started the harrasment being called "a stupid fu_king b____" just about everyday in front of customers, The owner finally looked into this situation, and he found the hour shortages and false deductions taken from employees checks, when i say false deductions i mean i was called into the office and asked "is this your signature on this employee deduction form?" well of course it wasn't, and still to this day the form that payroll has is forged. One of the managers had forged every employee deduction form there. She did this so that she could deduct $10.00 out of everyones check when she wanted to for dishes. The owner finally let them go. The next manager was T____, and she was great for awhile until she moved out of town. The next managers were R____and M___, once again everything was great no harrassment of any kind, for some reason they were let go. Then came along another M___ and a guy named D_____. M___ was very sexually harrasing to alot of the girls, rubbing up against us ,and touching places that shouldn't haven't been touched. I have also heard him tell some of the older girls that they were to old to work anywhere. He made alot of girls feel very uncomfortable. One time I had my 6 year old daughter in there, before my shift, and he asked "who's little girl is this?" I said "that my daughter, her dad is on the way to pick her up" he looked down at her and said "you actually know who your daddy is?" She was very confused and upset, I had to answer questions to a 6 year old girl that I shoudnt of had to. I found this very rude and uncalled for. Here i was just trying to work to feed my 2 kids. Time and alot more harrasment went by, the owner finally got rid of M___, then the managers were D_____ and a guy named B____. D_____ was very high strung and could not handle pressure he was rude to the employees and customers. He would always yell and slam things around. one time i asked for extra shifts and I was told by him that "This is my store and all of you are lucky to be getting any of my shifts" Once again we all felt very uncomfotable. B____ on the other hand was great he is one of the best managers they ever had there, always willing to help. the owner eventually got rid of D_____, and along came A_. Since A_has been there she has done nothing but belittle people in front of customers, she has been very rude the whole time she has been there i have never once heard her say "Good Job" to ANYONE, she even belittles B____ the other manger to employees when he is not around. She has gotten rid of good employees, so that she could hire her personal friends. at last count there was 4 of her personal friends hired. S______ who has worked for woodys for what 10 or so years only gets 2 shifts a week while A_'s friends get 5 or 6 and they havent been there but a few months. A_ came to me and flat out said she doesn't like s_____ so she not going to give her shifts. Im sorry thats just wrong. A_ shows favortism to the friends that she has hired like by not making them wear skid proof shoes, but if someone else didnt wear them then she said she would send them home.She doesn't even wear skid proof shoes herself and she should for insurance purposes, I have seen her slip and slide and almost fall over a dozen times. A_ makes alcoholic drinks on the clock, i have seen this. She holds cleaning parties but your not allowed to clock in for it, but you can drink liquor all night long. Someone will eventually get hurt its not wise to liquor someone up and then send them in the slippery kitchen with cleaning products, come on. I asked A_ if I could have my vacation pay once and she said that she would ask the owner, when i asked her about it again, she said the owner said "you cant have it because of how the economy is bad" I was like what? but two other employees got theirs thats not real fair if you ask me. A_ also talks bad about employees to other employees. I have been called into the office by A_ and questioned about if i talked to a former employee named P__ anymore, I told her no not really, then she preceded to tell me "I dont think you understand she stole alot of money from you and other employees by transferring checks to you guys and then closing them out under you, there wasn't a day p__ didn't walk out of here with $300.00, and I have proof".. well if this is true how come no one has been paid back since they allowed someone to steal from us on their computer systems.Then she told me about the conference call that her p__ and the unemployment agency had laughing about it the whole time. Are you as a Manager really suppose to be talking about other employees issues in this manner? I have been through alot of harrasment with A_. I had my regular customers call up one time they asked "Is D___ working" A_ replied "Yes but your not talking to her" and then hung up on them. They went ahead and came in to see me the same night but they were furious and wanted her name and said they were sorry but they would not be back as long as she worked there. At the same time she says no personal calls, she lets her personal friends she hired use it anytime they need to. One sunday morning i ran 8 minutes late, but her friend was 45 minutes late and i had to open the store by myself. well that sunday she was so rude to me like always. she even said in front of a customer " You really need to learn how to put kale on the plates correctly" that customer heard other comments, and asked me are you kidding do you have to put up with that kind of harrasment all the time? I have been a server for over 12 years, i know how to put kale on a plate ok. Thats just some of the harrasment i have been through with her. That sunday morning that i ran 8 minutes late , but opened the place by myself i found out that she wrote me up and suspended me and totally lied in the write up. well she was there but she had the other manager give it to me, because i guess she didnt have the guts considering it was a lie, and her friends run between 30-45 minutes everyday and has not once written them up. That was the final straw for me. I told B____ that i would not be coming back because i cant not work with this harrasment, i think i have been through enough at this establishment. I just can't believe the owner would want to run his business this way or that you would want the ___ name associated with this type of harrasement.

Asked on 6/08/10, 7:12 am

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David Charlip Charlip Law Group, LC

You outline a number of employment issues that are actionable. You would need to consult with an experienced employment attorney to discuss. You have a limited time to raise these issues so you should not let this linger.

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Answered on 6/08/10, 10:56 am

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