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Hello, my name is Joshua. I recently have entered a really rough place in my life today on march 20th, 2020. I went to work. Where I live on property on the beach and was terminated from work. Things have been very weird recently and I had a feeling something was wrong. I have not only been harassed mentally but also have been hurt at work before and was told to clock in on a day it was for volunteer. So insurance would claim it. I am part time and have no insurance. However it is a lie and I volunteer 10 to 12 days a month for my rent. I was told I had to vacate the property with no paper work or eviction notice during this horrible time. I have a little boy I take care of with my girlfriend. Her son they are from Colombia. Still legal but not legal citizens. So I reap no benefits. All my money is given to take care of my family. I make very small wage. Now I am not only losing my house but also losing my job I worked at for many years. I have no place to go under little funds. Also now I must look for a job. Which I spent all day trying. The hard thing is many places are closed and websites are down for unemployment from high call volume and server errors. Now I am locked out because I forgot a security question. Also I have tried and many other workers and guests to file complaints to the property manager about a worker for sexual harassment. I also had many cases where I told her and other workers he is out of control. She babies him and isn't right. Now I'm being forced from my apartment and job because she said that I gossip too much and the trust isn't there anymore. I'm going to be homeless and without a job already now. The embarrassment is beyond real. Not to mention I have had many times in the past where she had me clock in for legal purposes so it looked like I was working. I been written up as well for petty things like clicking out 5 minutes late. Which happens. I'm on call all the time and receive no payment for those jobs as well. They have made it like a prison to leave this place. The cut my pay by 200 dollars a week in some cases. So I make like 175 a week and my rent is paid for and I can never skip a work day. I am full time but they issued me part time on my taxes to lie and not have to pay my insurance or give me paid time off or sick time. I am at a loss and a good man with good work ethic. I have been stuck here for a long time. Now I'm being forced out not on my own terms and my family will be homeless. What are my rights. I have been contacting everyone I could for the last 12 hours of writing this. I was also terminated on a volunteer day. Stepped on a nail on volunteer day and she then falsely changed it to make me seem like I was working. I have no benefits and they played me very well. Not to mention I never gossiped or talked bad about this business until they stabbed me in the back. Now I have evidence to show that it is full of mold and bad working/living conditions. I don't want to be homeless please help me. I am never one to retaliate but this person who let me go has supported many unethical practices. Not to mention my family and I are going to be homeless during a pandemic.

Asked on 3/20/20, 5:43 pm

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Scott Behren Behren Law Firm

Let me know if you can speak by phone this week to discuss further. scott

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Answered on 3/22/20, 1:45 pm

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