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I was driving last night and stopped at a red light. stop on the other side of the street coming in the opposite direction was a cop. I waited at the light until it turned green and then continued driving. The cop hesitated at the light for a few seconds and then flipped a uey and pulled me over. He told me I had ran the red light due to the fact that i had started driving a second or two before the light turned green. I then gave him my drivers license and all that good stuff. He came back to the car and told me my license had been suspended. I was unaware of this. I found out later that they tried to notify me by mailing me a letter but they still have my old address on file even though i have gone down to the dmv twice in the past to attempt to change it and they told me they had. Then they took me and my fiance out of the car and patted both of us down and put us in separate cop cars. Next the proceeded to search my car with out my permission or probable cause. the ended up finding some pot seeds in my fiances purse. Next they told me i was under arrest for having illegal drugs. Then they called a tow truck and impounded my car. Next they took us back out of the cop cars and patted both of us down again but this time they had the female cop pat me down and the male cop pat her down which seemed a little weird to me since we were both patted down earlier by the other cop. Now they are telling me the only way i can get my car back is to pay off my fines first which is also an admitting i was guilty when i still believe they had no right to pull me over or search my car. They said if i wanted to fight any of the charges i have to wait until june 20th to go to court but by then the impound fee to get my car out will be outrages. Is there anything else i can do?

Asked on 5/20/11, 3:23 pm

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Burton Padove Indiana and Illinois Lawyer, Burton A. Padove

I suggest that you contact a local attorney as soon as possible.

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Answered on 5/21/11, 3:46 pm

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