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Dear Attorney: We were financially ruined and became homeless when Massachusetts Judge Dina E. Fein evicted our family. (The Landlord did not serve Notice to Quit and attached fraudulent documents). We paid over $3,000 rent to Landlord and agreed to continue paying per lease terms. But the Judge evicted us and ordered that we pay ADDITIONAL $2,500 + Court Costs. Let me be specific.

In October 2014, we signed 7-month Airbnb Apartment Lease ($800/month) with Landlord in Erving. We paid $1,300 for initial 6 weeks rent.

Three weeks later, Airbnb Landlord cancelled our Lease without any reason and demanded we move out immediately!

We were always ready to pay our rent, but the Airbnb Landlord refused to accept our money! The Landlord did not serve us Notice to Quit.

In December 2014, the Landlord's Attorney filed an Eviction Case against us without Notice to Quit. The Attorney attached a fraudulent Airbnb document, claiming we rented the apartment for 2 weeks and now refuse to leave!

Judge Dina E. Fein was completely biased toward the Landlord's Attorney. She accepted the Landlord's fraudulent Airbnb document and disregarded missing Notice to Quit. Judge Dina E. Fein refused our 7-month Airbnb Apartment Lease with Bank Statements.

During Settlement meeting, we agreed to pay $2,000 rent and move out. But Landlord Attorney secretly inserted $2,500 bonus for his client. In total we paid over $3,000 rent to Airbnb Landlord. But in May 2015, Judge evicted us and ordered we pay ADDITIONAL $2,500 + court costs (with accruing interest).

We moved out and filed an Appeal. But 18 months later, Boston Appeals Court Judges covered-up fraud and did not address the defective Summons Complaint! The Supreme Justice Court refused to review our case.

We are in Catch-22. We are homeless. Eviction Case is still active. We cannot afford to pay ~$4,000 (after interest) Judgment.

What should we do?

Asked on 4/13/17, 2:35 pm

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File bankruptcy. You can find a clinic that will help you do it pro se. The Bankruptcy will end the landlord's ability to go after you. Call the Boston Bar Association or Massachusetts Bar Association and ask for help filing a personal bankruptcy pro se.

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Answered on 4/13/17, 2:54 pm

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