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I was charged with misdemeanor/larceny at Belks with $380 in underwear and sports tops on August 3rd. That night i voluntarily went to Copestone, a youth psychiatric facility. There i recieved 8 days of therapy with anxiety and impulsive behavior. I have not hired an attorney since my parents do not want to pay for one, but I really want to get these charges expunged. I've never been charged with anything. Do you think i would be able to represent myself? I know they don't care about drugs but they found marijuana in my system when i was admited and now I would be able to take a drug test hoping they would see that I have changed. I would also be willing to accept community service to have my charges expunged because that is what I would like the outcome to be. Thank you.

Asked on 9/09/16, 2:27 pm

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Amanda Houser The Houser Law Firm, P.C.

You really really need an attorney. Based on your question, not only are you not competent to represent yourself, you'd likely get the maximum punishment if you attempted it. Virtually every thing about question screams 'I have zero clue about the real world - throw me in jail'. First, you can't get charges expunged you get convictions expunged - you are putting the cart before the horse so to speak. Second, they do care a great deal about drugs - what they don't care about is your lame 8 day stay in a 'youth psychiatric facility'. If you think that will make any great impression on anyone, you are likely in for a surprise. Third, you have not 'changed' due to this experience and an 8 day treatment program - if you go to court claiming that, every judge that I know would likely get the impression that you are not aware of the seriousness of what you did and want to avoid taking responsibility for it. Also, it doesn't matter what you are 'willing to do' - what you are going to do is what the court orders you to do and what that will be will be largely determined by your attitude in court and the skill of your attorney. Go to court with the an attitude similar to the tone of your question and you are likely to find yourself in a heap more trouble than you apparently believe you are already in. Best of luck!

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Answered on 9/09/16, 5:08 pm
Michelle Sparrow Sparrow Law Firm

Thank you for your question. Please contact us at 919-829-3500 and we will be happy to assist you.

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Answered on 9/12/16, 5:32 am

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