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I'm honestly ashamed to even be asking this question cause it's something I should have never done so I'm not gonna make any excuse why I did cause it was wrong. I recently got pulled over and got multiple traffic violations with a suspended drivers license will I have court costs if they are dismissed? If not will I have to pay court costs on each ticket? I live in NC. I had just saved up enough money to get my license back on the 27th of Oct. Pretty stupid huh...

Asked on 9/21/21, 11:15 pm

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At least you feel ashamed. You likely have no idea how many people I talk to that don't even have the common sense for that. So you are doing just fine. Anyhoo, your charges likely will not be dismissed. I mean, really, why would the state go through all the trouble and taxpayer expense of charging and prosecuting you just to dismiss everything? However, if by some miracle the charges do get dismissed, no - you will not have court cost. As to whether you have to pay court cost / fine (don't forget about possible fines) on each ticket if the charges do not get dismissed depends on whether in addition to feeling ashamed, you are also smart enough to hire a traffic attorney to handle this for you properly. If so, you can likely avoid going to court, avoid license points / suspension and avoid an insurance increase - and depending on who you hire, you may even be able to make payments over the course of several months so that it isn't so much coming out of your budget all at once. If the address on your ticket is correct, you will likely be getting a crap ton of letters from traffic attorneys. You do not need F. Lee Bailey for a traffic ticket, so just pick the cheapest one and roll with that. There are times when paying more for an attorney may result in a better service but a traffic ticket typically ain't one of them. More often than not paying more for a traffic attorney is just, well - paying more. Best of luck.

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Answered on 9/22/21, 5:42 am

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